The arrival of children in the morning takes place between 8h30 and 9h.
Any arrival after this time will disturb the class in progress, so please be kind enough to respect these hours.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday : 8h30-16h FULL TIME
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday : 8h30-12h PART TIME
Wednesday : 8h30-12h ALL CHILDREN

Changes from part time to full time during the school year can be done only at the beginning of the following trimester.


Enrollment fees : 200€ (payable every year)

Academic fees :

  • 870€/month Full Time (over 10 months)
  • 670€/month Part Time (over 10 months)

A 10% discount is available on the enrollment of a second child.

Payment for academic fees is either in :

  • a one payment installment by check or bank transfer covering the full academic fees of that year
  • or 3 checks, handed over during enrollment, which will be cashed in at the beginning of every Trimester
    (October 1st, January 1st, April 1st)

Downpayment confirmation : Enrollment fees + 1st month of tuition (NOT refundable)

NO enrollment will be confirmed until we have received the 3 checks or the full year payment installment
(Deadline : August 25th)

Parents are also required to deliver, by the start of the school year, an insurance policy which covers their child at school.